Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Beautiful Day

We have had the most amazingly beautiful weather for almost a week. This past Saturday we walked up to Kreuzberg where we had this gorgeous view of the city. The tall spire in the center of the photo is the Munster in the center of the pedestrian zone city center. We walked for about 3 and a half hours (there, around and back).

On our way up, we walked through a graveyard (beautiful old trees). Arlo added to his mathematical site collection with the gravestone of Felix Hausdorf.

Here is the church and proof of our gorgeously clear sky.

And this is the view of the penitent stairs. This portion of the church is only open on Easter Sunday when pilgrims go up the stairs on their knees, in prayer. You can see the ornately painted ceiling in this photo. This ceiling is throughout the entire church.


Matt said...

Brings back happy memories of my times in Germany!
Best wishes.

lunita said...

hi! i'm cecilia. I like the photos, this very interesant. I don´t speak english very well. Sorry! Do you have more photo about germany?
ok. see you.