Tuesday, April 29, 2008


1. The scaffolding is gone from my windows.

2. Jenny and Derek's cat Bailey passed away today.

3. We booked out tickets to return to the U.S.

4. I only have 509 things left to do on my list. (Okay, I haven't actually counted but 510 seemed like a good approximate number).

5. We had a nice dinner with friends last weekend (the two in the middle).

6. We will gather with friends this weekend for the Rhein in Flammen celebration. It is fully dark here by 9:30 at night but the fireworks will start after 11:00. I hope I'm not too old to stay up so late.

7. We had a beautiful day on Sunday to walk around the Schloss in the neighboring town of Brühl.

8. I have two more articles to read and I will have read a complete German magazine.

9. The scaffolding was still up when the marathon passed right outside our window.

10. If you haven't yet seen our pictures of Paris, you should do so.


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