Wednesday, March 26, 2008

White Easter

We may not have had a white Christmas around here but we had a white Easter. Arlo thinks that I am possibly the only person in Germany that was excited about the snow. The way I saw it was that everything was closed for 4 days, we had no place we had to go, so snow was fantastically cozy. It even stayed on the ground long enough Monday for us to go out and snap some pretty pictures of Bonn. Here's my favorite:

Of course, we had to make the requisite snow man. I promise ... I'll make a bigger one next year when I'm living in snow country.

While it was snowing outside, we had plenty of color inside.

Using this for inspiration, Arlo and I painted eggs. Arlo painted Chester (who is my favorite). Of course we had to have an Easter egg with flow lines painted on it (keep any spherical-esque objects away from Arlo if you don't want flow lines painted on it). I was pretty happy with my heart flowered egg.

Arlo made a sweet Easter basket for me. Of course it had yummy candy in it and a pretty plant. But my favorite part was this Bunny "card."

The view from the back is pretty great as well.

We found the wrapper of the Lindt chocolate rabbits pretty funny.

I hope you all had wonderful Easter weekends as well. Unless you're a freak like me, I hope yours was warmer and more spring-like.

You may have noticed that I've given up on the post a day thing. It was too overwhelming for me. I found myself trying to find things to "feed the blog." Even when I though of something I wanted to post, I felt inhibited by the fact that I didn't have something for the previous day. So I didn't end up posting. Silly, I know. So, I've given up the idea. I will try to post almost every day.


Derek said...

We've still got snow on the ground. But it hasn't snowed in a while, it just hasn't been warm enough for the snow to melt, so the snow is dirty. :(

Laura said...

i'm always so impressed by your guys creativity... love 'Chester' and the bunny card! :-)

Karen's Monsters said...

I love your easter eggs.

I wish we had painted eggs this year, but who would have eaten them?