Saturday, March 15, 2008

Further Signs of Spring

We took a walk down to Rheinaue Park and were fortunate to come across a baseball game. The Bonn Capitals were playing on two fields. One was a metal bat game (Arlo says he could blow them away) and the game we sat and watched was played with wooden bats. We picked up a schedule and it seems the season doesn't start until April so this must have been some sort of pre-season (Spring Training?) game. It only went 7 innings but this may have been due to it not being a regular season game.

It was quite an interesting mix of German and English. Instead of "good eye, good eye" after a batter waits through a "ball," the team would shout "gut gesehen!" But when telling a teammate that he needs to slide, the team would shout "get dirty!" or "get down!"

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